Activity in the Irish Zone

Activity in the Irish Zone (n.b. our Exclusive Economic Zone – EEC)!Irish zone

For this map the Conversation Irish Box is gone!  Note the huge activity inside the original Irish Box.

For instance:  100% of German catches, 75% of French catches and 50% of Belgian catches were taken from the Irish Box.  64% of all catches taken in Areas VI and VII are taken in the Irish Box (2000).

In 2012 – 88% of all catches are taken in the Irish Zone !

Ireland expected to survive on 4% of the Demersal Quota.

Can Minister Coveney and the Irish Government get Real Reform ?

Write/phone/email/talk to your TD, MEP, Minister, County Councillors.  You can influence the outcome.  Let your opinion be heard.

“Reform” of the C.F.P.

Originally 2,549 amendments were tabled for the original D.G. MARE proposed legislation for the reform of the C.F.P.

This was “boiled down” to 103 by 18 December 2012.

What happened the other 2,446?

The 103 were debated for 4 hours.  They voted to approve the amendments

13 voted in favour

10 against

2 abstentions

Has a secret deal been done behind closed doors?

What a smell !  or  Do you get a bad fishy smell ?

How many of them sought recognition of Ireland’s rights to a greater share of the white fish quota in its own waters?  We suspect it is Nil.  If so, we do not accept this.

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