Press release Dec 2012

DECEMBER – and it’s time for the budget and for the annual mid-December wrangle over the sharing out of fish stocks in Europe.

The budget will bring increased taxes and details of billions to be paid to foreign investors and banks. Meanwhile Ireland gives away €1 billion of its catch to Europe each year!

Ireland’s Marine Institute say the value of catch of fish off Ireland was €1.18 Billion, Ireland’s share was €0.19 billion!

Foreign fleets take in excess of €1 Billion per annum from Irish waters – because we have a miserable share of the quotas.

Many say Ireland has given more value in fish than the whole sum of monies received from Europe.

Can the Minister reverse the trend ?

Ireland gets a mere 4% of the very valuable white fish quotas (cod, plaice, hake etc.)  The EU take the rest.