The reason for this website.


The recent admission by Minister Coveney that “it is impossible to control foreign fleets in Irish waters”. We have been trying to convince Irish officialdom of this fact for years. As we know to our cost, it was and still is a policy of shoot the messenger, a question now for the Minister is that he has finally listened to voices from the fishermen, it’s what he intends to do to remedy a situation that has gone on for years. The great barrier to stock management is the CFP NOT discards, which has grabbed the headlines of late and which has pushed aside the more important issues from Ireland’s point of view. The proper distribution of fish stocks and there after, the overall control of fleets especially other country fleets in Irish waters. This and other issues is why we want the CFP properly reformed!!

The European Parliament has to go through 2,549 amendment proposals in the lengthy first reading before it submits it to the Commission. Will any of these adequately address Ireland’s case?

The crew of the West Cork trawler “Carmona” mending their net at Dinish Island, Castletownbere as seagulls scavenge for any fish that may be left.
Picture: Niall Duffy